June 12, 2021

Tools & Tips: How to Show Support for YAY Move-A-Thon 2021

Whether you're a Mover, Donor or a (cheerleader) Supporter. We've made it easier for you.

We rounded up some tools to help you get the word out for YAY Move-a-Thon 2021.

Download social media banners from our library (we made them in two sizes for you), crafted tweets and post messages packed with hashtags, there are tips on how to film videos for social, and we even drafted a message for fundraising pages.

  • Banner Library
  • Social Messages
  • Video Tips. and More!

We need your help to make sure everyone knows they can have fun and fundraise with us all-summer long!  As lockdown is loosening up lets invite them all to get out there and move for mentoring! 

Why? Because every $1 you help raise helps move 400 kids off our waitlist. 

Checkout the nifty collection we made for you. 

YAY Moveathon Tools and Banners
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