July 30, 2020

Quick Tips to Stay Hydrated While You Move!

As we power through the #YAY400challenge, or just go about our daily lives, there’s one thing we can’t forget – water!

Over 60% of our bodies are made up of water, but it’s still all too easy for us to lose track of just how much we have to be drinking every day. Experts recommend the 8-by-8 rule – eight 8-ounce glasses of water – per day for optimal results, but when you add in lots of movement those numbers likely need to go up. Here are a few tips to keep your daily intake up!

Always keep a reusable water bottle on hand, and make sure you’re drinking and refilling it regularly throughout the day! This is better for the environment than plastic bottles, and gives you not excuse not to fill it up whenever you’re running on empty.

The more water you drink means more trips to the bathroom, and to the kitchen or water cooler to refill your bottle. This gives you even more opportunities to get your steps in every day!

And if the taste of plain water gets boring to you, curb your soda or sugary energy-drink craving by slipping cut-up fruits like lemon, lime, or berries into your water for sweet satisfaction, or cucumber and mint for a fresh taste.

Good luck to all our #YAY400challenge participants, and here’s to staying hydrated and healthy while we move for mentoring!

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