July 10, 2020

Move for Mentoring Video Challenge

We need your help to help motivating our YAY Move-a-thon movers and change-makers! Create a short video on your phone to share why you move for mentoring.

From July 8 to August 23, challenge yourself to move 400 km to support youth mentoring. In over 40 years, we’ve helped more than 30,000 kids with our proven youth mentorship program. When you move for mentoring…you move 400 kids off of our wait list into meaningful partnerships with mentors.

Plus with every challenge milestone unlocked on our fitness app unlocked, ReBOOT Canada will match one of our kids with their own laptop! 

Add your voice to our campaign with a video that expresses what moving for this cause means to you. Just follow the quick & easy guidelines below, and feel free to use your own words!


“My name is [name] optional: [title and organization]”

Followed by,

I move for mentoring because … [add your motivation here]”

Or,  I move for mentoring! …[add what your top move activity is e.g Today I’m riding my bike].”

Or, simply, “I move for mentoring!”

Videos should be around 15 seconds max and filmed LANDSCAPE: sideways/horizontal (not vertical) on your smart phone. Make sure the quality is clear with no background noise.

Publish your video on your social channels and tag #400YAYChallenge to be featured on ours, and you can also email it to us directly at moveathon@yay.org

Tip:  if you post on Facebook publish as “public” so we can share it too!

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