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June 12, 2021

Tools & Tips: How to Show Support for YAY Move-A-Thon 2021

Whether you're a Mover, Donor or a (cheerleader) Supporter. We've made it easier for you.

We rounded up some tools to help you get the word out for YAY Move-a-Thon 2021.

Download social media banners from our library (we made them in two sizes for you), crafted tweets and post messages packed with hashtags, there are tips on how to film videos for social, and we even drafted a message for fundraising pages.

  • Banner Library
  • Social Messages
  • Video Tips. and More!

We need your help to make sure everyone knows they can have fun and fundraise with us all-summer long!  As lockdown is loosening up lets invite them all to get out there and move for mentoring! 

Why? Because every $1 you help raise helps move 400 kids off our waitlist. 

Checkout the nifty collection we made for you. 

YAY Moveathon Tools and Banners
June 2, 2021

Video Filming Tips for Social Media

Ready to share with the world that you’re moving for mentoring? Here’s some video tips to help you do that.

For most Social Media – Videos should be filmed LANDSCAPE: sideways/horizontal (not vertical) on your smart phone. Make sure the quality is clear with no background noise.

The exception is Instagram Stories, which should be filmed VERTICAL: the way you normally hold your phone.

Publish your video on your social channels and tag #400YAYChallenge to be featured on ours, and you can also email it to us directly at

Tip:  if you post on Facebook publish as “public” so we can share it too!

May 17, 2021

YAY Move-a-thon 2021 Sponsorship

Ready to sponsor and make an impact that lasts a lifetime?

We’re accepting new sponsors for our 2021 Move-a-thon in support of peer mentoring.

Every $1 invested in mentoring high-risk youth returns $23 to society.

Bonus! Corporate Team Building.  Not only can you help our youth, but you can also engage in-office and remote employees in activities that encourage health and fitness fun as they move together (virtually) toward their fund-raising goal. Free Registrations for all your employees and their family.

Download our sponsorship kit or email

2021 Move-a-Thon Sponsorship Kit

July 31, 2020

Meet Our Mentoring Movers!

A few more weeks are left to ride, walk, run and move at a safe distance in support of youth mentoring.

And you’ve already matched 3 laptops to kids in need and raised just over $24,000 of our $50,000 goal. Yay!

We need our current and new movers to keep moving toward their goals because every time the group unlocks a #YAY400challenge milestone ReBOOT Canada matches one of our youth with a laptop!

Your fundraising is greatly needed so that we can focus on connecting youth and mentors in meaningful, life-changing relationships – offline and online.

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July 16, 2020

No More Excuses, Start Moving for Mentoring

What is your favourite excuse to not exercise?

Do you find yourself saying you don’t have the time, you’re too tired or not motivated enough? Do you feel that there is not enough room for physical activity in your life? Here are solutions to all the good excuses for sitting on the couch!

I’m running out of time.

Active people are not necessarily those who have the most free time. It is above all a question of priorities and interests. Being active is even part of the way to give ourselves energy to more effectively accomplish all of our other activities. During busier times, allow yourself to do a little less or split your time into a few blocks. Example, 1 hour into two blocks of 30 minutes.

It does not interest me.

Perhaps you think you have to suffer for it to be worth it. Think again! All activities are good for health. Perhaps you are already doing more than you think.

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July 10, 2020

Move for Mentoring Video Challenge

We need your help to help motivating our YAY Move-a-thon movers and change-makers! Create a short video on your phone to share why you move for mentoring.

From July 8 to August 23, challenge yourself to move 400 km to support youth mentoring. In over 40 years, we’ve helped more than 30,000 kids with our proven youth mentorship program. When you move for mentoring…you move 400 kids off of our wait list into meaningful partnerships with mentors.

Plus with every challenge milestone unlocked on our fitness app unlocked, ReBOOT Canada will match one of our kids with their own laptop! 

Add your voice to our campaign with a video that expresses what moving for this cause means to you. Just follow the quick & easy guidelines below, and feel free to use your own words!

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June 23, 2020

Are you ready to get moving?

Over the next few weeks we’re here to be your cheerleader! We’ll be sharing all the good reasons why it’s a win–win for you to move for mentoring.

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